LIT Youth Program

The mission of LIT’s Youth Program is to provide an educational opportunity for our students to learn and grow through participation in the fine arts.  Participating in performing arts builds self-confidence, promotes self-expression, fosters teamwork, encouragement from peers, and respect for others as they learn together in a positive environment. These are life skills our students should continue to use the rest of their lives.

Lawton Interactive Theater’s Youth Program is designed to extend the professionalism of our adult productions to local youth through this program.  Involvement in any fine arts programs also encourages youth to invest in the future of our communities.


We offer 6 youth programs throughout the year: 

  • Summer Youth Musical

  • Summer Youth Enrichment Courses

  • Fall/Christmas Musical

  • Fall/Christmas Enrichment Courses

  • Spring Youth Musical (coming in 2022)

  • Spring Youth Enrichment Courses (Coming in 2022)      

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